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Wanna drive in Japan?
Many of you might have a driver's license from your own country.
If your condition corresponds to requirements, your foreign driver's license could be switched to a Japanese one by taking a short test at the license office in your prefecture.
  But actually many people fail the driving skills test.
If you fail, we would advise you to take lessons at a driving school.
We welcome you.

Information to take lessons at Tateyama driving school
Need to bring;
Documents which you brought back from License center, if you have.
Residence Card
Pass port
Admission fee---5,500yen (Tax included)
Etrance procedures are completed, you can make a reservation for driving lesson.
Please notice below;
Please buy a ticke befor taking lesson. (\4,620/one lesson=50mins)(Tax included)
Please wear clothes and footwear that will not impair your ability to control the vehicle.
Two lessons a day maximum.
Office hour is changable, please call us before visiting.y0470-22-4190z
If you have any questions, feel free to call us!
Thank you.